Hikes and walks in the Jura

Illustration randonnée en montagne

Nature and panorama at the top

The charm of the Jura is first of all an ideal destination due to its unspoiled, diverse and generous nature. Discover this treasure with shoes on! Whatever your desire: a walk of few hours, a short or long hike, you will always find a path to take you to new horizons for unforgettable memories.

The Monts-Jura resort offers ideal altitude for hiking. The Fierney cable car, located a few minutes’ walk from Bois Joly, will allow you to access the crests of the Haute Chaîne du Jura, where marked and maintained trails await you. In particular you can access the Crêt de la Neige (1723m), the highest point in the Jura.

For a stunning view, the Col de la Faucille is an emblematic summit, offering a panoramic view of Mont-Blanc and the Valserine valley. Once at the Col de la Faucille, the ascent is not over! You can access the small Mont Rond on foot or by the Mont Rond cable car. Once up there, a landscape spreads ahead of you, with Lake Geneva and beyond rise the jagged peaks of the Alps.

Mountain bike or electric bike outing

Whatever your level, the Jura will surprise you at every pedal stroke with the diversity of its landscapes and the beauty of its cycling routes. A panel of roads awaits you, to be covered by mountain bike, road bike, or electric bike. The Jura by bike is the promise of experiencing adventures, face to the wind while admiring the most beautiful sites of the Jura. Downhill mountain biking offers a great breath of fresh air and is practiced thanks to two cable cars (Lélex and Crozet). They allow mountain bikers to easily and quickly climb up, in order to enjoy the two sides of the mountain. On each face, two technical trails (one red and one black trail) have been laid out and marked for seasoned athletes.

From the Monts Jura to the Retord plateau or from the Valserine valley to the Pays de Gex plain, you can also explore less mountainous landscapes. From the mountains to the green plains, the Pays de Gex – Monts Jura is ideal terrain for mountain biking, of all levels.

Between bocages and dense forests, take advantage of the spring mildness to take the paths of the region. The unobstructed view also provides magnificent panoramas of the high Jura range, the Alps, and the Pays de Gex. You can also explore the Jura mountains by electric bike.

Browse the splendid Route of lakes, more than 26 routes of 15 to 50 km await you along the water, between lakes, rivers and waterfalls of the Jura massif. These routes will allow you to discover nearly 130 points of interest (natural, cultural, historical, gastronomic, etc.) and they are punctuated by 21 electric bike rental points.